Winter Wonderland Maternity Session

I have so many people ask me if they should do maternity photos. Why? What will I do with them? Well, while I understand how you may not always feel your best while pregnant (I have had two kids-trust me, I GET it!). I assure you, you will never regret having images carrying your precious babe. This only happens once. Only one time will you anticipate what it’s like to hold this baby in your arms. Only one time will you feel them grow inside of you. And, what a gift for you as a mother to have those memories to look back on when that once so tiny baby is running circles around you. I swear I’m not sharing all this as a sales pitch-truly. I just know that as my own children have grown, I never regret getting as many pictures of our journey as possible.  So grateful that this beautiful couple trusted me to share this time with them. I can’t wait to lay eyes on their sweet daughter when she makes her way earth side.