Project 365 | Week 1

The 365 photo challenge is nothing new. You take one photo every day for a year and I have never bit the bullet but always been intrigued. This year I took the plunge and joined some fellow photographer friends—the first week was fun and has already challenged me and inspired me.

Through this project you will see mostly my personal work and maybe some client work sprinkled in.

So here is – week one!

Day 1 | Drawing Moana at bedtime

Day 2 | Hanging out in the Target parking lot—one of our favorite spots. The store, not necessarily the parking lot.

Day 3 | Bunny sitting (if anyone ever asks you to take care of their bunny, say yes! So fun)

Day 4 | Baby in a bath

Day 5 | Twirling in her best dress

Day 6 | Arcade fun

Day 7 |The perks to having a grandma who is a professional facepainter!

See you next week with a recap of week 2!

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