{Autism Awareness | Meet Sammy}

{Madison WI Photographer}

There is something special about Sam (or Sammy as his mom prefers to call him). You can just see the soul behind those big blue eyes. The wheels turning. I know he’s planning incredible things.Madison WI Photographer

Sammy loves to paint and draw, as well as build with blocks and legos, listen to music, kitties, and being ticked. While I was there to take photos, I also learned he enjoys brownies! He is a sweet boy, with an endless amount of adoration for his mom and big brother. Madison WI PhotographerMadison WI PhotographerMadison WI PhotographerMadison WI Photographer

I loved this session so much, when I started looking through all these photos to blog I was reminded of Sammy’s beauty and spirit. He was happy the entire time I was there! I thought about how well mannered he was and loving towards his mom and brother.

Then, as I read through what Sammy’s mom wrote for this project I found myself sitting here with tears in my eyes. She narrates watching him regress after reaching all his milestones in his first year—into silence and disconnection. Diagnosed with Autism at 23 months old, his mom talks about how she was afraid they would never hear his voice, that he would never show them affection. Madison WI PhotographerMadison WI Photographer

Madison WI Photographer

At the end of her story she says that Sammy loves to snuggle and is always being cheeky and making them laugh. Sammy has a beautiful story of hope.

Madison WI PhotographerMadison WI PhotographerMadison WI Photographer

Words from his mom “Sam has taught us to appreciate that nothing should ever be taken for granted and that every victory, no matter how small, is something to be celebrated. I feel so honored to be his mother and to be taken along on this journey with him and that, thanks to him, our lives will always be filled with miracles”.

And with that, I’m crying again!