{Autism Awareness | Meet Lane}

{Madison WI Photographer}

Where has April gone?! This month has flown past and I have a few more kids to introduce to you.

This is Lane. What a gift he is! I loved this session because we didn’t stop laughing-most of the time the kids were cracking one joke after another. It’s hard to think that Lane has had any trouble because he is such a joy to be around. But, his parents told me that they have lost friends in the past because when Lane was younger his behaviors were hard to manage at times. My heart breaks when I hear stories like that. I think the challenges of having a child with special needs are enough without adding in added judgements. Lane has come a long way and was truly a delight. It’s really no wonder considering how devoted his parents are to their family. I feel so blessed to have met this incredible family.

Lane is very funny, kind, smart and silly.  Of course you can see why I had a great time with him and his family. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.Madison WI photographer

Madison WI photographerMadison WI photographerMadison WI photographerLane adores his sister Cassie and they have such an amazing bond!Madison WI photographerMadison WI photographerMadison WI photographer-Laura