{Autism Awareness | Meet Gavin}

{Madison WI Photographer}

Gavin is a kind, gentle boy with a lot of spunk. He greeted me with a big smile when I came in to meet him. His family is one that radiates kindness and they were so welcoming. I wonder how they do it, Gavin and his family.  It’s a lot, I think, to have people in and out of your home. The children who are intensive therapy receive up to 40 hours a week. That is a full time job. Many of them are in school as well as participating in additional therapies, such as Occupational, Speech and Physical therapy. Doesn’t leave much time for fun things like swimming lessons and park playdates. It’s hard on the child, the parents, but also the siblings.

I challenge you to think about that for a minute. Every day, therapists rotate through your home-your private space.

Then a photographer wants to show up too 😉

But seriously-that is a lot to adjust to and these kids are SO AMAZING (I’ve said that before right?)! How they are able to have stamina through all they do and then STILL shine-wow. Just wow.

Now, meet Gavin. Big brother, little brother, son and friend. The sweetest sparkly eyed boy. A more contagious smile you will not find.Madison WI PhotographerMadison WI PhotographerMadison WI PhotographerGavin can juggle this ball on with his feet-it’s crazy!Madison WI PhotographerMadison WI PhotographerMadison WI PhotographerMadison WI PhotographerUntitled_0207Madison WI PhotographerMadison WI photographerMadison WI PhotographerMadison WI photographer

It’s the end of April-the ‘end’ of Autism Awareness month. But as I have said before, for families who have been touched by Autism, there is no end to the awareness. I want to say a big thank you to the families who have participated in this project with me. I have genuinely cherished my time with each and everyone of you. To those of you who have taken the time to meet these wonderful little people, thank you for caring about them.