Laid back in home session

So far, so good. I am holding to my New Year’s Resolution of blogging a least once a week-hurray! I am going back to the summer and blogging some sessions, this seemed like a good place to start!

Every once in awhile, you get an email from a client and know that they are going to be fun! This inquiry was one of those — Niki’s email to me she told me she wanted lifestyle and not super posed images. Then, she asked if we could get a shot of some ‘chaos’ and I think we succeeded! We started outside and moved in to jump on the bed and throw some cheerios around. I had a blast at this session! And, of course we snuck in a few of just Mom and Dad at the end-which I love to do.

Lucky for me, Niki is also a super talented graphic designer over at Birchwood Design so I was able to hire her to do my new branding (which I LOVE). I am so grateful for this job and all the great people it allows me to meet!